AAA LABS Health Warranty

Our puppies are guaranteed to be a purebred, registered with the AKC, and that the pedigree is correct to the best of our knowledge.

We guarantee a healthy puppy for 5 days from date of purchase or to the date of your first visit to a licensed veterinarian, whichever comes first. This verification of health must be done by a licensed veterinarian at buyer's expense, including lab tests of stool sample, etc. NOTE: If you feel a visit to an emergency vet is necessary due to diarrhea, coughing, or vomiting within the first 5 days from the above date, you MUST call the breeder before taking him/her to the emergency vet. Otherwise, you will have to pay the difference of the cost of the emergency vet visit to a non-emergency vet visit.

The following warranty applies to the original buyer is not transferable.

Spaying/Neutering: This puppy cannot be spayed or neutered before he/she is one year of age, otherwise all warranty will be voided. If any female dog is bred before she is 15 months of age, she is not guaranteed for any genetic/hereditary defect.

We guarantee the puppy to be free of any genetic defect up to 1 year of age (25 months for hip dysplasia). If a puppy is suspected of any eye problems, such as progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), it must be verified by a qualified veterinary ophthalmologist.

Hip or Elbow Dysplasia - puppy must be x-rayed no later than 25 months of age for hip dysplasia and 12 months for elbow dysplasia. If your veterinarian suspects a problem, the x-ray must be verified by the OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) as to the condition of the hips or elbows.

If a health defect is determined to be genetic/hereditary, AAA LABS will replace the dog with a puppy of the same sex and color as soon as possible. (If deposits have been made against that particular litter, the choice for the puppy being replaced will fall in line behind the deposits made at that point) (If you paid a discounted price for the first puppy for some reason, noted on receipt, buyer would pay the difference for the second puppy). The first puppy would have to be returned to AAA LABS with its AKC paperwork. All diagnostic, return, replacement, shipping expenses will be the owner's responsibility.

If a genetic/hereditary defect is determined and the owner wants to do surgery to correct the defect, then AAA LABS will pay for surgery if it is less than the purchase price of the puppy. If it is more than the purchase price of the puppy than only the purchase price of the puppy will be refunded. If surgery is not required and the owner wants to keep the dog, then the warranty will be void and no money will be refunded. Any money to be refunded for surgery on the dog will only be paid after the surgery has been performed, a copy of the veterinary bills is submitted to AAA Labs, and to insure that the defect is not passed on, the buyer, at his/her expense must spay or neuter the dog.

The EXCEPTION to this warranty is elbow dysplasia. If the surgery is for OCD, FCP, or any other joint issues that involve fractured, flap or chipped cartilage, the breeder will only refund (1/2) one-half of the purchase price of the puppy. THE REASON FOR THIS IS AS FOLLOWS: Genetically, Labs are known to be 'fast growing dog'. If a Labrador grows too tall, too fast, the cartilage cannot keep up with the growth of the bone, thus the cartilage can be fractured and develop a flap that can break off and develop a chip. Things that can cause damage to the cartilage is jumping off of furniture and out of vehicles, being dropped by children (and adults), excessive exercise too soon. Things that can cause a dog to grow too fast is spaying and neutering a puppy too young, too much protein, minerals and calcium, and being a male (they tend to grow taller faster then females).

These warranties are dependent upon demonstration that the puppy has received adequate care and nutrition. Abuse, neglect, or trauma in any way that affects the development or well being of the puppy will void these warranties, For example, jumping out of the window of a car, going up and down apartment stairs excessively, being dropped by children or adults, excessive exercise, and anything that is not reasonable care.

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